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Thereʼs no timers or CAPTCHAs (apart from the one on this page)

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(If the payout rates seem low, just remember that you get out just as much as you put in, and this faucet is much less “labor-intensive” than most.)

This faucet does not freeze your account.

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Allow the site to mine on one thread with 2% idle time (increases payouts by 5%)

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YOU MUST DISABLE YOUR ADBLOCKER OR YOU WILL BE BANNED FROM USING THIS FAUCET, NO VPN/proxy or tor to be used or will result in permanant ban from this faucet

Remember you can leave this faucet on all day and night while you do other things! Just check back every 24hrs to log back in!


MULTIPLE TABS and MULTIPLE IP will not help you, since 1 tab will be using up all of your resources. If you open another tab the previous one will stop mining.!

How it works

Using the power of your INTERNET CONNECTION we (you and i) can mine real coins that can converted into real MONEY! No need to hit the withraw button because this process is AUTOMATIC and INSTANT! Payments are done instanly to your faucethub account

This website is not a FAUCET! This is a open source kind of MINING! We currently dont support for withrawl on your BTC address nor other wallets, we are currently supporting FAUCETHUB as payout option! Inviting your friends is the only way you can do to help our site live longer and forever!


All of the advertisers and traffic recipients are aware that the page auto-refreshes, making this faucet legally/ethically sound. (Advertisers that only want ‘real’ traffic are put on the other pages that donʼt automatically refresh instead.)


We mine in the background but we run very low usage in your CPU, This is so we dont effect the use of your device!

We are all Highly trained computer programmers here at MagicCryptoWorld so be assured your device will not be damaged by us mining in the background

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