Earn From Android

So you want to earn bitcoin from your android device? Well now you can I have found an awesome app called "SlideCoin" get it here, It pays you in SlideCoin but when it pays out it pays it bitcoin satoshi!!

I have been trying the app for a little while and actually received a payout, You Must have a Coinbase account to receive payout!! If you dont have one get one Here!!

Once you have Downloaded the app and got a coinbase account, open the app enter your coinbase email and enter "MAG620" for a 0.00000300 Slidecoin bonus. (every 0.00000100 slidecoin is worth 1 satoshi)

How this app works

This app works simply by displaying ads on your lock screen, How good is that!! The ads are easily closed simply by sliding left or right to unlock the phone.

Current rate 1.0 slidecoin = 0.01BTC

payout time instantly to any coinbase account

Proof of Payment